Hard and fibrous matter that is formed from the tree and more specifically from its trunk and branches, which allows the possibility of working it or using it without working.


Local, building or part of it that serves to deposit quantity of articles, products or merchandise for their subsequent sale, use or distribution.



Concerning or related to navigation, related to both machinery and people.

About us

SHIPWOOD SOLUTIONS S.L. was born from the passion and vision of a group of wood professionals, who saw the possibility of developing their passion in a dream setting. Their specialty in wood and specifically in Teak, allowed them to put high quality raw material within the reach of naval carpentry professionals.

Commitment to quality

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Our project

SHIPWOOD SOLUTIONS S.L. is an ambitious bet within the naval carpentry sector by offering customers a warehouse that meets their needs, where they can find all kinds of raw materials for the construction and repair of naval carpentry in large, medium or small boats.

As specialists in the flagship wood for nautical carpentry, Teak (Tectona grandis), we have a large stock with a wide variety of formats and measures. From boules to veneer in different thicknesses, through semi-finished products such as deck, veneered boards or boards with Sika.

We bet on it as we want our clients to bet.


In SHIPWOOD SOLUTIONS S.L. we are at your disposal to help and advise you in a professional way in obtaining raw materials according to the requirements of their work.